Eurostan Foundation wants to make a difference for the people of (Central) Asia.


We partner with local organizations to develop social economic projects for poor and unprivileged people and families. Eurostan Foundation is situated in The Netherlands, Europe. We are supported by local donors and donor organizations worldwide.


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What do we do?

Relief support

We donate food packages, provide medical support, and in urgent case financial support to target groups or people.

This person received a donation during the Covid-19 crises, so he could still hire a place in the local market for his food shop.

Micro Credit

We provide a lot of micro credit loans, in order to make people and families economically sustainable.

With a micro credit this family can held goats, so that they have their own income by selling goats and the milk of the goats.

Vocational Training

Many people are not educated for a job. With a micro credit they can start up their own business. Together with Vocational Training we are sure that the person is really able to make her/his business plan a success.

This poor person followed a vocational training how to make jewelry. Now he has his own jewelry shop.


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Dutch Chamber of Commerce number 64441806